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I am still transforming my websites into present-day standards while juggling way too many other responsibilities. Family. Writing. Clients. House. Yard. Kitty-cat. Sound familiar?


Meanwhile, as the effects of the presidential election continue to weigh heavily on most of us, I share with you these inspiring words by Rebecca Solnit: "The story of the future has yet to be written." In fact, throughout history we find examples of people coming together to prevail against all kinds of odds.

I stand with all of the women and men who, like me, marched in Boston, throughout the country, and around the world on Saturday, January 21, 2017. I stand with my Unitarian Universalist church, and with all of those individuals and groups out there who are speaking, writing, organizing, and demonstrating.

Solutions to poverty, injustice, and inequality in too many of our systems don't come from turning against each other. So...we must all get to work, in whatever way we have to offer. And we must fight the good fight.

Exciting times ahead.